Jessica Temptress

Tell me, what kind of woman causes your heart to skip a beat? I want to know what naturally takes your breath away. What experience was it that sent a chill down your spine leaving goosebumps to wash over your skin and make you flush? I’m Jessica Temptress, and I already know your answer. A naturally dominant living embodiment of temptation, automatically appreciative, continuously well practiced, diversely varied, and with thoroughly developed skills in the art of bdsm, kink, and seduction. An overly stimulating, sensual being with an immeasurable presence of power.

Session Types

One – On – One:

The most popular, a private one on one session with Temptress. Highly recommended for beginner and seasoned slaves alike.

Double Domme:

Interested in having a session with two Dominas? I have many friends with varied experiences and specialties. Ask about adding a second Domina.


Weather one is watching, you chose to submit side by side, or you want to learn to top each other. You’ll find couple’s time with Temptress is most therapeutic.

Social Time:

Want to spend some leisure time with Temptress? Let’s talk over a cup of coffee, enjoy a sexy shopping spree, or have a night out for a special event!

Extended & Overnight Time:

Interested in some long term time in Temptress’s ties? How about some extra time for some intensive long term training or abandonment? Truly an experience like no other.

Special Events:

Join Temptress’s Mailing list to receive information about private parties that her and her Dominant friends throw.


The most important part of your session is your comfort, and communication. Both of which allow me to create custom experiences that tailor to your personal desires. If you aren’t sure but would like a certain theme to your session, here are some suggestions.

Corporal Punishment:

One of Temptress’s favorites. Let loose your inner masochist! Weather you like the dull thud type of pain or you enjoy the sharper stings, perhaps its simply the sensation and you don’t have a preference. You’ll experience and endure the whim of a true sadist.

Role Play:

Temptress thoroughly enjoys role play to an extreme extent. Weather you’d like to be Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s punished Clown Goon, or perhaps a more traditional teacher/student type of role. The sky is the limit with this theme and Temptress loves the more creative. Ever been whipped by Marylin Monroe? Tell Miss Jessica about how you aren’t bad you were just drawn that way.


I love to play dress up! Sensual or humiliating, all of my favorite sissies get invited to my sissy slumber parties! I’ll teach you what being a woman is all about. From top to bottom, lotions, make up, clothing, jewelry, accessories, and more, you’ll have a full feminization experience.

Fantasy and Fetishism:

Temptress has a knack for all things kink. Weather it’s feet, spitting, or most anything in-between, your fetish with surly feed Temptress’ hunger and obsession for obscure fetishes. You could say that she has a fetish of fetishes’.

Tease and Denial:

With her many years devoted to the study, and practice of seduction, this happens to be one of your Seductress’ specialties. Often including sensation play or various forms of worship.


When a slave is willing, Temptress has a rather wicked tongue. With nothing but words she can take you from mild embarrassment or degradation to full fledged emotional masochism. Let’s see how you like being objectified.

Slave Training:

With an intense background in psychology, training is a personally gratifying process for Temptress. Erotic servitude training requires multiple session commitments.


Social $150 per hour

Abandonment: $150 per hour

Videotaped: $150 per hour on-top of tribute fee

Dinner and Domination: $950 Includes 2 hours of social time and 3 hours of session time.



Worship (Foot, Leg, Shoe, Boot, Stocking)

Tease & Denial

Corporal Punishment




Electric Play

Fire, ice, wax play

Fire cupping

Sensory Deprivation


Slave Training


Financial Domination






Illegal activities

Prostitution: just to clarify, no intercourse, oral service, hand jobs, or foot jobs.

Showers: gold, brown, sherbet, no thank you.

Switching or submitting.





$100 Deposit for session (non-refundable ¦ For first time clients)

IN-Person Interview (For first time clients)


Requirements will be given



I am merely a simple woman. An educated woman that may be a bit high functioning I will admit, but I don’t like to sit still for very long. I enjoy learning new things and challenging myself with new goals. I enjoy international travel, cooking and nutrition, trying new foods, going out to events, and honestly I’m a bit of a nerd. Let’s just say that my role-playing abilities may have been honned behind shut doors, but that’s not where they were developed. I enjoy psychology and philosophy as well as so sociology. I have a passion for physical fitness. I like to keep my body strong as well as my mind.I entered the bdsm world at a very young age. Filled with curiosity I always had a constant desire to understand 'why'. Why would someone like 'insert fetish here'? Well because of this burning desire to understand, I was constantly overwhelmed with almost a desperate need to experience and know for myself what it was that was so rewarding about a vast set of kink based subjects. It was soon said that I had a fetish for collecting fetishes and a kink for collecting kinks. I don't do everything but I've tried it all. At one point I would describe myself as a try-sexual. Try anything once, twice if I like it, three times if I don't just to make sure.

Personal Info

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